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Brigadier General Lewis A. Armistead

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The seven Hunley Awards that our Camp provided in 2019 were sponsored (i.e., paid for) by the Raphael Semmes Camp (#11) in Mobile, AL.  We are forever grateful. 

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Camp 1960 operates in the Pittsburgh area.  We are dedicated to honoring the memory of the noble Confederate soldiers who valiantly fought to defend the sovereign Confederate States of America.

Camp meetings are usually held every month.  Click on the Events link above for exact date and location of our meetings.  We are an active group with dedicated defenders of the Confederate soldier.  This website is updated frequently, and, by using the "CONTACT US" link, you can reach us or make suggestions.

Please join us to preserve the memory of Confederate veterans.  Click on the SCV icon above to view the national website (with instructions on how to join).  If a direct or collateral relationship to a Confederate Veteran does not exist, our camp offers an associate membership.

Armistead, pictured at the right, entered Confederate service on September 15, 1861, with the rank of major, but two weeks later he was promoted to colonel and given command of the 57th Virginia Infantry.  He earned a reputation as a tough, soft-spoken, and highly respected leader at such battles as Seven Pines (1862), Antietam (1862), and Malvern Hill (1862).  At Gettysburg, on 3 Jul 1863, he helped to lead the frontal assault that came to be known as Pickett's Charge.  When Armistead, at the head of his brigade, reached the stone wall on Cemetery Ridge that protected the Army of the Potomac's Second Corps, he was shot and wounded more than once.  He died two days later on 5 Jul 1863.  [Biography from online Encyclopedia Virginia]