Sons of Confederate Veterans, Camp 1960, Pittsburgh, PA

Brigadier General Lewis A. Armistead

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February/March Recap

Posted by Joseph on March 9, 2014 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)

2 meetings were held.  A potential new member was discussed.  He lives in Ireland!  Getting the Camp membership dues back on track was discussed, as was a filing issue with the IRS.  Greg offered to seek advisement on filling out the IRS form.  At the Feb. meeting were Chris, Greg, Ron, Bugs, and Joe.  At the Mar. meeting were Chris, Greg, Bugs, and Joe.

December Meeting Recap

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A second grant was announced for our Allegheny Cemetery Memorial project.  Present: Chris, Greg, Bugs, and Joe.

Memorial Day 2013

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19 May 2013 - Confederate Memorial Day was celebrated at Allegheny Cemetery. The event was small and brief. Even if the world has forgotten these men, Camp 1960 has not.

March Meeting Recap

Posted by Joseph on March 5, 2013 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (0)

We were visited by a potential new Camp member, Ashby.  We decided to buy a brick for the Culp Camp memorial in Gettysburg.  Further participation in the Hunley program was approved.  Confederate Memorial Day will be celebrated again in May at Allegheny Cemetery.  Time TBD.  Those present: Chris, Greg, Ron, Ashby, Joe

February Meeting Recap

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Further discussions were had on our memorial. Also, a third Hunley award was agreed to be given. (A fourth is possible.) Chris, Bugs, and Joe were present.

January Meeting Recap

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Furhter discussions were had about the memorial at Allegheny Cemetery. Plans were made to submit our design to the cemetery. Bugs, Greg, Chris, and Joe were present.

Doo Dah Days 2012

Posted by Joseph on July 16, 2012 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

A 2 hour rain storm essentially ruined the entire Doo Dah Days event.  It was very poorly attended.  Only Joe attended from the SCV, although the Voices of the Confederacy was also there.  Overall, the day was a great disappointment.

July Meeting Recap

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The latest in our attempts to mark the graves of Confederate soldiers in Allegheny Cemetery was discussed.  A smaller marker may be our only option.  Chris, Ron, Bugs, and Joe were present.

Memorial Day 2012

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Flags and flowers were placed on the graves of the eight marked Confederate soldiers and citizen prisoners who are buried in Allegheny Cemetery.  The flower was a white carnation.  Chris and Joe were in attendance.  Afterwards, a flag was also placed on the grave of Major Gray in Sewickley.  It was our honor to do this today.

H. L. Hunley Award presented on 9 May 2012

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The H. L. Hunley Award was presented to Cadet Greg Cass at McDowell High School in Erie , PA on 9 May 2012.  He is a member of a thriving Air Force JROTC program at the high school.  He was presented a certificate and medal, along with a $50 gift.  It was our honor and pleasure to be present at the event!  Thanks to CMSgt David Holmes and all of the hard-working cadets.